Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Skincare Routine! Aveeno, Biore, and Clean & Clear, OH MY!

Hello! I figured an easy first subject to cover would be my basic skincare routine. To start off, my skin is combination; i have very dry patches around my mouth and cheeks, and my forehead has constant break outs. It's pretty hard to balance acne and dryness, but I think I've finally found what works best to cleanse my skin!!

I do most of my cleansing at night in the shower. Two face washes I really like are from Aveeno. The Ultra Calming and Clear Complexion Foaming Cleansers are great for my dry, acne prone skin.
The Ultra Calming is my favorite because it is really gentle for sensitive skin. It leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth. The Clear Complexion was a bit too drying. Both of these never caused any breakouts. They also do a good job of removing all of my makeup. There isn't a noticeable scent, and it lathers up really nicely. They don't leave any residue. I highly recommend the Ultra Calming foaming cleanser. These were each around $6 at my Walmart.

After cleansing my face in the shower, I use a scrub a few times a week. Two scrubs that I use are the Clean & Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub and the St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub.
The Clean & Clear scrub is too harsh for my skin, so I only use it when i really need a deep clean. It gives my skin an amazing refreshing tingle and truly makes my skin feel clean & fresh. I LOVE the St. Ives scrub! I feel like i can use it everyday b/c it is so gentle on my skin! Also, the beads are so fine, like sand. It really feels good on the skin and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean.
Here you can see the large beads in the C&C scrub. The SI scrub has teeny tiny beads. The scent of the C&C is chemically. The SI scrub smells so YUMMY! The green tea really leaves my skin looking healthier, almost glowy! The Clean & Clear scrub was about $6 at Walmart, and the St. Ives was $5. Both are reasonably priced. I definitely recommend the St. Ives green tea scrub!

After I use my scrub, I apply an acne treatment to any visible blemishes. Sometimes, I'll also use a toner to help close my pores & give my skin a nice clean feeling. However, i usually skip toning my skin.
When i do use toner, i use the Biore triple action astringent. This really makes my skin feel clean, but also dry and tight. I only use this in the summer, when  I need something refreshing on my skin. The acne treatment i use is the C&C persa-gel 10 maximum strength. It really does minimize the redness of my blemishes(which i ALWAYS have). It like it because it isn't to drying on my skin, and I can use it about 3 times a day. Best to use this before you go to bed. THe toner was $4 and the persa-gel was $5 at Walmart.

Something I do constantly is MOISTURIZE! It is so important for everyone's skin to have moisture to keep it healthy.

At night i use Pond's dry skin cream. It has a strong scent, like baby powder. But i think it is kind of nice. It is very moisturizing, almost makes my skin too oily, so i use it very sparingly. Some people find it unhygienic to use a jar moisturizer, but i think it's better to get how much you need. In the day, before i apply my my makeup, I use the Biore nourish moisture lotion with SPF 15. It works great to keep my dry skin hydrated & the SPF is a MUST. I really like the moisturizer & haven't found another that I like as much as this one. It has a nice fresh melon scent, but also smells slightly like sunscreen. Doesn't really bother me much. This was $8 at Walmart, and the Pond's was $4.

Well I hope that I gave someone some insight on what would work for dry, acne prone skin. I hope someone actually reads this! LOL

Have a lovely day!


Friday, March 25, 2011

The Start Of Something New

Hello & welcome to my blog! My name is Jenn, and I'm really excited about starting this blog. I thought I should let you know a little bit about myself. I'm from down south, but you'd never be able to tell from how I speak. I was very active in my high school's marching band, symphonic band, and winter guard. I still continue to play my clarinet and saxophone when I have the time. I really enjoy photography and designing. I plan to major in advertising, maybe design for advertisements. If that doesn't go well for me, I'd love to be a makeup artist. But I'm not sure how practical that would be...hence it being Plan B.

I have been wanting to start a youtube channel or blog for a really long time. I've finally decided to create this blog and I'm so happy about it! I plan to share my experiences with makeup, nail polish, skin care, and other good stuff. I really enjoy reading and watching make up gurus, and learning new things from them.

I'm pretty certain NOBODY will even read this post, but I thought I should post something on the birthday of my blog. So, I really hope to get something up within the next week that will hopefully bring more people to my blog.

Have a super lovely day!