Saturday, March 17, 2012

Revlon Lip Butter Swatches

Hello there!

I'm sure everyone and their mother (and their grandma) have heard all of the hype surrounding the Revlon Lip Butters. In case you haven't, Revlon put out a new product that is the perfect middle between being a lip balm and a lipstick. Some lighter shades aren't that pigmented, while others really pack a punch of color. I have only picked up 3 of the many shades. I own Strawberry Shortcake, Sweet Tart, and Berry Smoothie. The next one I plan to purchase is Candy Apple. I'm not really much of a lip color person, but I think it would be nice to have a redder shade for special occasions.

Let's see what these things look like, shall we? I apologize for the quality of these images. I was working with the lighting inside a dorm room and sunlight coming from my window!

Strawberry Shortcake, Sweet Tart, Berry Smoothie

Strawberry Shortcake, Sweet Tart, Berry Smoothie

Strawberry Shortcake

Sweet Tart

Berry Smoothie

Strawberry Shortcake, Sweet Tart, Berry Smoothie

Strawberry Shortcake: A light, cool pink. Not very pigmented, but pretty for everyday wear.

Sweet Tart: A fuchsia, warm pink. This is so much brighter in person. A bit bold for everyday wear, but definitely pretty and nice for occasions.

Berry Smoothie: A warm berry pink. Nice color to wear anytime. Might be a bit dark for lighter complexions.

Overall Feelings: I really do like these lip butters! They are incredibly smooth and moisturizing. Plus, they give a nice pop of color and brighten up any makeup look I do. The color range in this line is great, and I can't wait to try more!!! I love that I can just apply these super fast before class or after eating. 

Issues: There are 2 problems you might encounter with these. 1.) They "squish"....when you twist the product up and down, the product rubs off on the sides of the tube and gets messy. 2.) They don't last long on the lips, but I wasn't expecting too much wear time. I usually reapply after 30 minutes-1 hour. But I'm okay with that, because I really am not big on wearing lipsticks or gloss.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and give these babies a try! They are really nice for on the go, and there are lots of pretty shades to choose from!


Sunday, March 11, 2012

NOTD: Dreamy Poppy

Okay, so this is actually from a few days ago....but we'll go with it! ;)

You would think that if you paid 99 cents for a nail polish, that's the result you would get: cheap and awful. But Wet N Wild proves that concept wrong with all of its wonderful, affordable products.

I love their Wild Shine and Mega Last nail polishes. I have several that I plan to share in a post in the future. But today (or a few days ago) I have Dreamy Poppy, a really pretty "poppy" pink polish. The formula on this applies amazingly, but the formula itself is odd. It's like some sort of jelly-cream hybrid. But I love it!
I did a nail art post using Dreamy Poppy as the base color right here.

Dreamy Poppy (sunlight from window)

Dreamy Poppy (indoor lighting)

-1 coat of Wet N Wild Nail Protector Clear coat
-3 coats of Wet N Wild Dreamy Poppy
-1 coat of Nutra Nail Speed Dry Top Coat

This color is so pretty & perfect for the warm months! This looks wonderful on the toes as well!

I hope you enjoy this color and give it a try! It's only 99 cents, so it shouldn't be too hard if you decide you don't like it! ;)

NOTD: Lacey Lilac

Hello there!

I have another nail of the day for you, and it's perfect for Spring! I present to you: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Lacey Lilac. It's a beautiful dusty light lilac cream. I'm terrible at describing colors....but here she is!

Lacey Lilac (sunlight from window)

Lacey Lilac (indoor lighting)

This is just 2 coats of Lacey Lilac + base coat & top coat. It applied like a dream! You just have to make sure to wipe off the access on the brush!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

NOTD: Polka Dot Nails

Hello there!

Today, I decided to have some fun with my nails. I don't really do much nail art, so I thought I'd do something incredibly easy: polka dots! I just used toothpicks, and dropped some polish onto tin foil to dip the toothpicks into. I don't really like the color choices, and there are too many dots. lol. But it's something cute and easy to do!

Here ya go!

Wet N Wild "Dreamy Poppy"

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "Lacey Lilac"

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "Pacific Blue"

China Glaze "Flip Flop Fantasy"

China Glaze "For Audrey"

Base coat: Wet N Wild Nail Strengthener.
Top coat: Nutra Nail Speed Dry Top Coat

Super easy and fun to experiment with different colors and shapes! 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Quick NOTD: China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

Long time, no post!

I just wanted to share a quick NOTD with you guys. I was in Sally's a few weeks ago and saw that China Glaze had a rip off $1 coupon, so I took the opportunity to buy a pretty summer color, Flip Flop Fantasy.

This is one BRIGHT color! It is a bright, neon mango pink. I couldn't even capture the true color of this polish. In the pictures, it's slightly more peachy than it actually is.

One thing to note about this polish is that it dries very quickly to a matte finish. I personally prefer shiny nails, and just applied a top coat for super shine.

Again, this is not how the polish really looks in person, it's much more of a bight pink. I can't describe colors well. But it is so pretty, and as soon as my feet are nice and tan, I'm sure this will look great with some cute flip flops or sandals.