Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Trend: Tribal/Aztec Nails!

My tribal Aztec nails!

Hello there! It is now July, and the southern heat is so unforgiving right now. So what better way to stay out of the heat than to spend the afternoon doing your nails?? ;)

I found a picture of some Aztec tribal nails on Pinterest. Actually, I found several different designs, but this one seemed to be the most simple to recreate. Here's the picture I used as reference for my own nails:

These are not my nails, and this isn't my design, I found this through Pinterest!

I absolutely love this design! It is just so pretty. The original design used red and light blue. I decided to use a coral orange and Tiffany aqua blue. Also, you'll notice that the original person had much shorter nails than me. I can't believe how they managed to do all of that detail on such short nails. But it looks really pretty on the short nails. My nails are far from long, but I felt like I had enough room to work on my length of nails. 

Here are some more views of my nails. I'll list the products I used at the end of this post!

Sinful Colors "Hazard"

Color Club "New Bohemian"

It looks like it would be really hard to do, but it really wasn't! I didn't photograph my right hand because that one didn't turn out nearly as well as my left. Which shouldn't be a surprise for anyone unless you are ambidextrous. If you are....I severely envy you! The trick to achieving these nails is to have patience. Do everything in layers, and do one nail at a time. A tip for creating stripes that go across your nail, rest your hand on a table, and rotate the hand you are working on. Don't draw the line, let the brush draw it for you as you rotate your hand! Another tip, use your resources! I did use nail art stripers for the larger lines, but I also used toothpicks to create the smaller lines and dots. I used the point of the toothpicks, as well as the round end of them.

Products used: (feel free to switch up the colors!)
-Savvy FC "Sheer French White"....this took 3 coats as a base color. Kind of a lot, but that just goes along with the patience needed for nail art! lol
-Sinful Colors "Hazard"...coral/orange polish
-Color Club "New Bohemian"....aqua blue
-LA Colors Art Deco nail art stripers in black and white
-Nutra Nail Fast Dry Top coat

I hope you enjoyed seeing my nails. You can expect to see some more fun summer nail looks in the future! This was so fun to do. Sure, it consumed two hours of my life, but I kept cool inside! ;)

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