Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wet N' Wild Color Icon Pencil Liners!

Hello! I have a few photos to share with you. I recently purchased 3 Wet N' Wild Color Icon Eyeliners. I've owned one for them for quite a while. They usually retail for .99 cents at Walgreens and other drugstores. But for a while, they've been retailing at just .49 cents! However, they weren't marked down on the shelves. When I checked out at my local Walgreens, they came up as being only .49 cents. Oh, was I excited! ***Click on any picture to enlarge it!

So the shades I own are White, Turquoise, Bronzed, and Amethyst. These pencils work great as liners or even as bases for eyeshadows. They are that smooth that you could easily use them as creamy bases.

Here are some closer pictures at the actual pencils. I like that the textures of the actual pencils sort of reflect the formula of the pencil! Neat, huh? Well, I thought so!

In this picture, you can really see the texture of the actual pencil. See how the top 3 have sparkle to them?  The bottom one is smooth.

Here are the points of the pencils:

Here are swatches! Click on the pictures to enlarge them, though I made them rather large already!

White is a great pencil for your inner corner & for opening up the eyes on the bottom waterline. Don't expect it to last all day on your waterline, but when first applied, it looks great! It's a very creamy pencil.

Turquoise is a really pretty pencil to own! It totally makes me think of summer and the ocean. This pencil actually has tiny bits of glitter in the formula. In the swatch above, it looks much bluer than it actually is. It's much more green blue in person.

Bronzed is a very pretty, shimmery bronze pencil. It looks so pretty! Again, this pencil was incredibly smooth to apply. It looks very metallic.

Amethyst is another pretty shimmery shade. It's very plumy and smooth to apply as well. In the above swatch, it appear darker than it is. In person it is really pretty and metallic looking.

I really recommend all of these Color Icon pencils! I'm sure the other many shades are just as lovely! I will have to say though that these pencils smear very easily. So if you use them as liner, set them with a similar colored eye shadow. But for the price, the application and pigmentation is so superior! 

Make sure to check these out! Don't forget that just because it isn't marked down, that it won't ring up cheaper! I was very happy to see the computers at my Walgreens ring these up for only .49 cents! But for being only .99 cents originally, who can complain about price??

Expect to see an eye look using these pencils very soon!
Have a lovely day! 

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