Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Elf Cosmetics Collection

Hello there! I thought that I would share with you all my small collection of ELF cosmetics. I first got into ELF when I was in K-Mart 3 years ago and saw a sign for ''Buy 5 products for $5!!!!" for all ELF products. I thought to myself, "man, $1 makeup quality is about as cheap as its price". But I decided to pick up a few things and see how I liked it. Now, 3 years later, ELF has become one of my favorite makeup brands ever!

With ELF products, the quality is pretty "hit and miss". Somethings are to die for, while others are cheap cheap CHEAP! But thankfully most of what I've purchased has been amazing for the price!

ELF stands for eyes, lips, face. They have an online store and products can be purchased in select stores such as Target, K-Mart, and other stores like that. I've found some ELF products in my local TJ Maxx and Ross. They have several different lines such as Essential, Studio, and Mineral lines.
***Please click on pictures to enlarge & see details!***

I have 4 of their $1 eyeshadow quads: Luxe, Butternut, Silver Lining, and Drama.

 If it isn't apparent from the above picture, I really like this quad! I've hit pan in all 4 of the shadows!! I will certainly pick up another Luxe quad, and it won't hurt my wallet at all!!!! I love this quad especially in the Fall. I just think it creates a really pretty, smokey, neautral eye that is so pretty in the Fall. But I wear this quad year round. The garnet color shouldn't scare you! It is so pretty blended with the dark taupe brown. In the swatch picture, the taupe brown appears much more purple that it actually is. All of the colors contain shimmer except the taupe brown. These shadows are so silky and smooth. Out of all these quads, this is the one to get forsure!

Butternut is another great neutral quad. The 2 colors on the left are super sheer, but they are so pretty and buildable. The deep brown and bronze shades on the right are so pigmented with just 1 swipe! All of the colors are so shimmery and pretty. Very silky consistency and great for a smokey brown eye!

Out of all the quads I have, Silver Lining is my least favorite. I just think it lacks pigmentation when it goes onto my lids.  In the swatch above, it looks great, but on my eyes, I lose alot of the color. But when I do wear it, it is pretty. The #2 shade is alot darker in person. All shades are shimmery.

Drama is the perfect dramatic smokey eye quad! The name suits this quad so well. The blacks in this quad are true blacks. They are almost too intense, which I really like, especially for only $1. The silver lacks pigmentation, and the only reason I hit pan on it is because I have to really dig into it to get any color pay off. But the white, the silver black, and the matte black are all SO PIGMENTED!!! The black is really matte, but the shimmer from other colors got into it. This is another quad that I really recommend.

I have 2 of their $1 pencil eyeliners: Midnight and Coffee.

I'm not too fond of their pencil liners. They are pigmented, but do not apply smoothly. Midnight is a really pretty navy color. When I picked it up in the store, I mistakenly thought it was a black pencil. When I got it home, it was navy! But I don't regret the color because it is pretty.
Coffee is a nice, coffee brown. Nothing special about it really. I do love the pencil sharpener that comes with these pencils. I lost my other one but luckily they both came with sharpeners!

I have a $1 liquid liner, a $1 pen liner, and a $3 cream liner.

 I actually really like this liquid eyeliner. It is very pigmented and won't smudge. It isn't waterproof, but it's still a great liner. I wish the tip was thinner, then it'd be even better!

 I was so excited to see a $1 waterproof eyeliner pen b/c I really like the Jordana Fabuliner, but it isn't waterproof! And apparently, neither is this! I was pretty disappointed for the false label. It is a pretty liner, but not waterproof as it claims to be. Also, the tip is a little hard and wonky.

I was expecting this to be awesome since it's $3, opposed to $1. I was wrong. It wasn't creamy at all! And the color is supposed to be navy, but it's more like a smokey black shade. I will be refunding this and picking up either a blush or a brush. Or both a blush and a brush! LOL

I have 2 of their $3 face products.

I really like this powder! It is great for setting my liquid foundation and really keeps my face matte. I love the packaging of their Studio Line products. Very sleek and similar to Nars(which i don't own any of...LOL) packaging. My only complaint is that instead of giving you a hard sponge, fill the whole pan with the powder!!!! It would be 10x more efficient that way!

I LOVE this palette. The blush is so pretty! It is a nice peachy pink color that gives a warm and healthy glow to my face. The bronzer is a tad dark, but it's great for contouring your face. If you use a light hand, you can certainly apply it all over for a nice tan glow. I will totally repurchase this when I run out!

I have 1 of their $1 lipglosses.

The super glossy lip shines RULE! I love how this feels on my lips & it has SPF 15! How awesome?? Candelight is a super pretty peachy pinky creamy color. It is so pretty for the summer time and the smell/taste is pleasantly fruity.

I have some of their awesome tools.

This $1 eyelash curler is so great! It really curls my lashes and fits my lashes so well. I need to buy a new one though b/c the pads(it came with 2) have worn down alot.

I love this $1 eyeshadow brush. It really picks up shadows well. It is simple and I like it. I'll probably pick up another one just because it is so nice and I won't have to wash it over and over again.

I  just purchased this brush a few days ago and have only used it once. I have wanted it FOREVER b/c so many people have raved about this in their blogs and videos. I love it! So far I've only used it to apply blush and buff on some bronzer, but it worked so well! I'm SO excited to try it with my Rimmel Lasting Finish liquid foundation. That's right. You can use this brush with wet and dry products. I've heard that you can stipple on your foundation for a flawless finish, and I'm so excited to test that out! This is the most multi-use brush I own. It is so soft and for only $3, you can't go wrong with it. GET THIS BRUSH!

Well, I hope you enjoyed peeking at my ELF collection! I cannot wait to build this collection up some more! I already plan to purchase a few more brushes from the Studio Line, and some of their studio blushes. I also want some more super glossy lip shines!

Hope you have a lovely summery day! =D


  1. Those $1 eye quads are some of my favourites, I have Brownstone & Ethereal and just ordered Drama, so was excited to see it here. We have a number of things the same, if you haven't tried the High Def finishing powder I'd highly recommend that as well, oh and the mineral eye primer..I could go on & on really :) Great post!

  2. The High Def powder and mineral eye primer isn't sold in any stores where I am, and I'm pretty hesitant to order online. :( But I've heard some great things about them! Will pick them up if it's ever in stores!
    Drama is such a great quad, you'll certainly enjoy it! =)