Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jaci Walker 88 Metal Mania Palette Giveaway!

Hello there! I am making another post to enter for a giveaway! Jaci Walker is giving away 1 Metal Mania Palette from Coastal Scents!!!!

Here is some information about her giveaway:
-Open internationally! yay! =)
-You must publicly follow her blog
-Ends August 7th
-Winner chosen by
-You must leave your GFC name and an Email address
-She isn't sending it directly to you, which I think that means the company is sending it to you? I'm not 100% sure if i get that part.

Additional Entries:
-Dedicate a blog post to her giveaway
-Link giveaway in sidebar
-Post giveaway on Facebook
-Have more than 1000 fans on blog/Facebook & get an extra entry

I'm a fairly new follower of Jaci's. I started following her blog maybe a month or 2 ago. But I've enjoyed keeping up with her posts, and this giveaway post was very exciting! I think this is a really awesome giveaway because I don't own anything from Coastal Scents. I'm a little hesitant to order just because I'm not sure what the products are like. So hopefully, I'll be the lucky winner. =)

Make sure you follow her blog! Here is the link to her blog post about her giveaway:

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  1. Hi, just thought I'd let you know that I did purchase the item with my own money, but due to postage costs being high for international postage (over AU$20+) (as I will have to pay for postage to myself and then post it to the winner), I am getting the seller to send it directly to the winner.

    It is the exact palette from Coastal Scents, but it does not have the Coastal Scents branding on the front' it's just plain.