Sunday, July 31, 2011

Profusion Beauty Wallet Swatches/Review

Hello there! Today I'm going to show you a product I picked up last October: the Profusion Beauty Wallet(the green one). It was quite a steal....$2.99 for 25 silky, pigmented eyeshadows! Also, the packaging is pretty darn cute! I only wish that I could have picked up the other beauty wallets. There was a purple cased one and a pink one with different eye shadow colors. I picked up the green one because it was the only beauty wallet left in my local Walgreens.

I'd like to start out by saying, there are several repeated colors in this palette, which is kind of disappointing. There are 5 copper shades that are pretty similar. They have slightly different tones in the them, but I really don't need 5 of the same color! Also, there are 7 different shades of green, which I guess should be expected since the shadows are housed in a shimmery green case!
These actally came with a numbered diagram on the plastic cover, but I threw that away! So I have no numbers to make this easier....I have the pictures going horizontally, but in the palette they are vertical. Sorry to make everything so complicated! LOL
Direct Sunlight------------Indirect Sunlight

Bring on the swatches!! **Click pictures to enlarge them!**
Underneath the swatches, I described the colors the best I could.

1st Row(going down):
Rusted Copper
Pale Champagne
Muddy Green
Deep Blue
Pale Pink
2nd Row:
Mossy Green
Midnight Blue
Pale Turquoise
Orange Copper
3rd Row:
Copper Red
Golden Yellow
Burnt Orange
Mossy Green
Murky Brown
4th Row:
Dark Brown
Army Green
Light Green
Light Copper Orange
Dark Green
5th Row:
Light Silver
Copper Orange
Deep Green
Light Muddy Brown
Bronze Copper

My favorite row is Row 3! The colors in row 3 just look so much like Autumn, my favorite season!
All of these shadows are silky smooth. They can be a bit chalky when you build up the color, but just dust it off and you'll be fine.

Here are the duplicate color swatches:

As you can see, there are slight differences in the copper and green duplicates. However, I would have preferred some different colors.
Look at how silky these come off on your fingers with just one swipe:
Great pigmentation & so soft! However, some shades need to be built up for intensity.

I hope you enjoyed these swatches! I honestly don't know if you can still get your hands on these. But Profusion palettes can be found in some stores like Ross or TJ Maxx. This palette was found in Walgreens, but I haven't found them lately. This was purchased back in 2010! So just keep your eye out for palettes like these where ever you shop!

Have a lovely day!

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