Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Christmas Mani: Rudolph & Candy Cane Nails

Hello, lovelies! I'm very excited to share my Christmas manicure with you! I'm usually very bad at nail art. I don't have steady hands, I get impatient with the drying time, and when I mess up, I just quit. But I managed to do these cute nails the first time! I was inspired by CutePolish on youtube. She did a Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer nail tutorial and a candy cane tutorial. I decided to do my own rendition of her designs! I think they turned out super cute! I took so many pictures of them because they are just too cute. Click on the images to enlarge, and if you want to know how I did this, check out CutePolish's youtube channel! I'm bad at explaining things...LOL
(Please excuse my icky cuticles and the messy polish on the sides of my nails...I forgot to clean them up before photographing!)

Here are the products I used to create these cute nails:

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in Mocha
Wet N Wild Wild Shine in Red Red and Hallucinate
LA Colors Top/Base coat and Art Deco pens in Black and White

A closer look at Hallucinate

On the rest of my nails, I did red tips w/ glitter.


Candy Cane!

This look can be done on shorter nails, like mine. But I think it'd be much easier on longer nails. Just do whatever works for you!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Have a very merry Christmas!!

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