Friday, December 16, 2011

ELF Little Black Beauty Book

Hello, lovelies! I have a bunch of swatches to share with you! I purchased the Elf Little Black Beauty Book Volume I from Target a few months ago. It's originally $5, but I got it for $3...that's a steal! When I bought this, I knew it was risky. Elf products are either really amazing, or incredibly cheap. Luckily, this baby is quite amazing! 

It comes in a leather case, that opens up to reveal 48 gorgeous eyeshadows. My case doesn't fully snap shut, which is a concern for when I travel....but it has held up pretty well so far. The shadows are about the size of a thumb nail, maybe a bit larger.(depending on the thumb!!) This palette is primarily neutral colors with a few vibrant and bright colors. The pigmentation is pretty wonderful. There are different finishes: some are shimmery, satin, matte, and metallic. There are 2 shadows that have actually glitter in them, but it isn't a bothersome kind of glitter, just very sparkly!

Now, bring on the swatches! I hope you can follow this...I swatched each row going down the palette. There are 12 pictures with 4 shadows in each. Click on the pictures to get a closer look! Please note, I did not use any sort of primer...these shadows are that pigmented!

row 1: golden yellow, light bronze, light sand, glittery sand

row 2: light taupe, deep grey sand, cream, bronze brown

row 3: orange, taupe, burnt orange, deep brown

row 4: light orange, bronze, sandy cream, bronze brown

row 5: coppery red, red, light grey, dark charcoal

row 6: white golden shimmer, light taupe, pink, dark berry shimmer

row 7: brown, emerald green, sage green, sandy nude

row 8: light green, turquoise, dark green, greenish brown

row 9: chocolate brown, goldish green, copper, puke green(ew)

row 10: shimmery orange, peach, coral, dark brown

row 11: brown, sandy grey, taupe, cream

row 12: bronze, purple, blue, gold

Hope you enjoyed the swatches! I don't think you'd regret picking this up! Anytime I travel somewhere, I throw this in my makeup bag, and no other shadows. This has all of the eye shadows I'd need.

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  1. Thanks for doing all those swatches, something for everyone in this palette!