Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hair Trend: Sock Buns (with a twist!)

Hello there! I'm really bad when it comes to doing my hair. However, there is something that I can do: the sock bun. These are used often by women in the military, as well as by dancers. Of course, anybody can rock the sock bun. I'm terrible at explaining things. I did it two different ways, but here is a video tutorial on the first style of sock bun I did by wendyslookbook on youtube:

She shows you how to make the sock bun, then how to style it! But I will show you my two sock buns, and try to explain how I did them! :)

Left: this is just 1 sock rolled up. I used this one for the 1st sock bun pictured.
Right: this is 2 socks rolled up. This was used for the 2nd sock bun.

To create the sock bun #1:
-Put hair in a ponytail, high, low, to the side, where ever you'd like! I did a high bum for fun!
-Take your sock bun, and put the ponytail through the hole.
-With the sock bun at the tip of your pony tail, roll the ends of your hair under the sock. 
-Being to literally roll the sock down your hair. This part was tricky for me. When I saw pictures of how to make the bun, I was very confused. But you have to literally roll the sock down your hair, just like how you rolled the sock into a sock bun! If you watch the video I linked above, you will see how this is done.
-Bobby pin the bun to your head to secure it in place & use some hair spray.

Sock bun # 1

To create sock bun #2:
-Put your hair in a pony tail.
-Put the sock bun all the way at the base of your pony tail, right against your head.
-Tilt your head down, and spread your hair all around the sock bun. Use a comb to smooth out the hair.
-Use a hair elastic to carefully secure your spread out hair. This part is tricky, as you could make the hair bumpy or unevenly spread. It's helpful if someone else holds there hand down on the spread out hair, while you spread the elastic around the bun.
-Now you'll be left with a bun and a bunch of hair hanging down. This is the fun (sarcasm....or maybe you'll like it) part: take the remaining hair in small sections and twist or braid them. Wrap them around the bun & bobby pin each section your wrap to secure it in place. For extra security, spray after each twist/braid you wrap. In this pictures below, I chose to take 2 pieces of hair and twist them like a rope braid. I did about 5 sections.
-Finish up with hairspray, and you're DONE!

Sock bun #2. 

Tips for creating the sock bun:
-Use socks, hair elastics, and bobby pins that are similar to your hair color.
-I used FX Surf Head texture paste to slick back my hair and make it easier to style. You can use gel if you'd like, or no product at all.
-When doing the bun with the twists, it is easier to style if the strands you are working with are damp. Use a spray bottle or just use the sink. You could also use hairspray for extra hold.
-Use a comb to smooth out the hair.
-Don't worry if it looks messy...these buns are meant to be fun and messy!

I hope these instructions made some bit of sense to you! As I stated before, I'm terrible at explaining things! Hope you enjoyed this post & let me know if you want to rock or have rocked the sock bun! =)

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