Sunday, May 6, 2012

Nine West Tunnel Mini Crossbody Handbag Review!

Hello there! I went into my local Ross recently with no intentions of buying anything. I walked out with a new handbag... I spotted it right away and fell in love with it! I'm the kind of girl that loves to carry a medium sized handbag that can hold a decent amount of things. However, when I spotted this small hand bag, it made me realize I don't really have any small bags. I end up carrying a large bag with just a few things in it, so I needed a tiny bag. Plus, that color is so fun!

I got the Nine West Tunnel Mini Crossbody bag (what a mouth-full!) in the color Papaya. I would describe it as a corally-mango orange. In the photos below, they will appear a bit red. But it is definitely a coral/mango/orange shade! It is very bright & makes a nice statement. It only cost me $16.99 at Ross with its original price tag at about $45.

**WARNING: this is a very picture-heavy post! :)

The handbag

The label on the front flap

What it looks like when you lift the flap:
-a zipper pocket under the flap
-a zipper pocket that is attached to the bag
-button clasps where you can remove to strap to make a wristlet

Inside the bag there is a zipper pouch

The bag without the strap

Wearing the bag on one shoulder

Wearing the bag across my shoulders

Wearing the bag as a wristlet/clutch

As you can see, this is a very tiny bag! It will be able to hold a phone, keys, cards, money, chapstick, lipgloss, and gum. Anything more than that, and it will be hard to close shut!

-The color is very pretty! (prettier in person, the flash made the bag look a bit red)
-The quality is very nice! I like the leather, the chain straps, and the zippers.
-Great size if you just need to carry tiny essentials
-The price was quite a steal!

-It is so small that it is hard to carry alot of things.
-There are a few loose threads here and there, but I can just snip those off
-Its hard to close it without really trying. When I want to close the button clasp, I have trouble closing it the first time

Overall, I really do love this bag! It is the first mini crossbody handbag I have ever owned, and I really am enjoying it right now! Hope you enjoyed my little review on this! Let me know what kind of handbags you prefer to use, or if you have any suggestions on a new bag! =)

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  1. Omgsh i have this bag! And in the same color and i got mine at ross too but in texas :) its a great bag now isnt it? I take it everywhere i go!