Sunday, July 15, 2012

TJ Maxx Summer Fashion Haul!

Hello there! My current favorite place to shop is TJ Maxx. I had never even been in one until about a year ago. But as of right now, it is my #1 place to shop! They have such great things at great prices! I have a few clothing items I've picked up over the summer that I'd like to share with you!

Sans Souci lace shorts $16.99: The lace is tiered and can be lifted up. The legs of the shorts are scalloped. These are my only pair of lace shorts, but I love them so much! They are just so cute! You can dress them up or down. They really add more dimension to my pretty bland wardrobe. These shorts zip on the side, and they are a bit high waisted. These go with a lot of tops that I have. Like I said, these can be quite dressy or a little casual, just depends on what you pair with it! I definitely want to pick up a different pair of lace shorts, preferably in black or navy! Great item to have in your wardrobe.

Gorgeous sheer polka dot top $12.99: This top is a really simple piece. It is sheer, so you have to wear a tank or bandeau underneath. This isn't a crop top, but it is a shorter length. I love the polka dots and the cream color. I removed the tag so I couldn't tell you the material, but it is kind of a rough texture, but not uncomfortable or anything.  I love that this is sheer because it is really light and comfortable to wear in the summer heat.

Flowy top with lace knit back shoulders $12.99: I don't know the brand of this shirt because I ripped the tag off as soon as I got it home. I regret that decision. I've learned my lesson to not rip the inside tags off of clothing. I loved this top in the dressing room, but hated it when I got it home. I realized I had no bra to wear under it! lol I could wear a tank underneath, but I feel like that defeats the purpose of the gorgeous scooped back. I do love the scoop in the back, and the crochet knit detail across the shoulders. Perhaps I'll go buy a nude tank or bandeau or something. I adore the bright coral color of this top, and it is flowy. I don't like tight, form fitting clothing. 

Hollister polka dot top with bow back $9.99: This is another top that I loved in the store and wasn't too crazy about when I got it home. But I decided to keep it just because I don't have anything like it. I love the bow in the back and the faded polka dots. I don't really have much to say about this top other than I think it is adorable!

Poof lace top with pocket detail $9.99: The next two tops are my absolute favorite shirts I own. This is a coral top with a sheer lace front, and a solid back. The lace continues across the shoulders on the back. The sleeves were a little too tight on me, but the more I've worn it, the looser they've gotten. This is just such a pretty top for summer. I do need to wear a tank under this, as the front is sheer. This is incredibly cute paired with my lace shorts.

Mounteau Los Angeles lace knit top with collar & zipper back detail $12.99: This is my other favorite top. I fell in love with the coral and zipper detail. It just adds such a nice pop with the knit detail. I don't own any tops like this, and I really enjoy wearing this. Of all the tops I've worn out, this one gets me the most compliments, which is nice! This is sheer, so a tank is necessary underneath. It really matches my Nine West Papya cross body handbag, which you can see right here.

That's it for my summer fashion haul. Everything pictured is from TJ Maxx. I can't guarantee you'll find these at your local store, but it's possible! :)

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