Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tweezerman ProCurl Rose Gold Eyelash Curler

Hello, all!

I have only owned two lash curlers in my makeup history: a Revlon curler and the ELF $1 eyelash curler. The Revlon one was the first I ever purchased, so I had nothing to base it's quality on. The ELF eyelash curler was surprisingly good, and I only purchased it because of Emily Eddington of Beauty Broadcast raving about it!

The thing that made me crave this curler was the rose gold color! I wasn't all too thrilled to pay $20 for a curler, but I thought I'd splurge just once (yeah right!) while I was in Sephora. 

-The packaging-

-This shot shows the true rose gold color-

Because I am a naturally imperfect human, my eyelashes tend to stick straight out. When they are curled, they don't tend to curl the same. One eye curls a little more than the other. One eye wants to be a little more sassy, I suppose! That's why I am showing both of my eyes before and after being curled with the Tweezerman ProCurl.

-Natural eye, no curl-

-After curl, no mascara-

-Natural eye, no curl-

-After curl, no mascara-

Overall, I really love my ProCurl! I'm a sucker for anything rose gold. The color is obviously my favorite part, but it also performs way better than my previous curlers. This curler comes with three spare sponges to place in the curler when one gets dull or overused. I think it is worth the $20, but I also believe there are other great curlers out there for much cheaper. But if you've got $20 in your pocked and want to "pop some tags" I would suggest heading to Sephora or wherever Tweezerman is sold to purchase yourself a ProCurl! 

Here is a link to purchase this online at Sephora online:

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful!

Stay lovely, always! :)

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