Tuesday, April 8, 2014

TJ Maxx Summer Love Haul

It has been quite a while since my last blog post. Long story short: JUNIOR YEAR OF COLLEGE. 

In today's post, I'm going to show you some of my most recent TJ Maxx finds for the warmer weather. TJ Maxx will forever be my favorite store. They have the best clothes, the best coffee mugs, the best shoes, the best deals, the best EVERYTHING.

This first top is a crochet crop top. I cut off the tag because it was long and poked out the back, so I don't know the brand of this top. I didn't think I would fall into the whole crop top high waisted shorts/skirts trend, but this tank was too cute to resist. It has floral detailing on the straps and down the middle, with a few adorable vintage buttons on it. This item must be hand washed.


 This is my favorite top of the bunch because of the adorable pattern and the color palette! This is from the brand one clothing. On the hanger it appears to have no shape. But once it is worn, it is very flowy and looks much better. I love the zig zag tribal pattern and the purple hues. This will get a lot of wear time this summer, for sure! The material is a very nice polyester material, but it must be hand washed.


This tank top is also from the brand one clothing. I don't own anything this color or this vibrant. This is essentially the same tank as the one above, except for a different pattern and it has a low v neck. I love the bright blue color with the tribal pink pattern. The material is very nice polyester material, but it must be hand washed.


 The first 3 tanks look adorable with high waisted shorts and skirts. I think you could get away with just wearing a nude colored bra underneath them, but I will most likely wear a tank top or bandeau underneath them as well when I wear them to class. The only reason I say that is because they are a little loose and flowy, so your bra might show on the sides. 

This adorable daisy tank with the words "NEVER STOP DREAMING" printed on it is also from the brand one clothing. It is another flowy tank top that will look so cute paired with denim shorts or jeans. I will probably pair this with a black bandeau underneath because it is a bit on the sheer side. But the material is so nice and light for the warm weather. This top can be washed in a washer.


This last top is also from the brand one clothing. (all of my favorite tops from TJ Maxx are from one clothing...) The top is a nice cream color, and has a daisy crochet lacey pattern that is absolutely darling. The daisy pattern goes down the middle, and this is a high-low top. This item must be hand washed.


I have wanted high waisted denim shorts for a while, but I saw these black ones and just had to have them! I absolutely love the 3 buttons on the top. So darling! I like these because they are dressier than jeans shorts, but can certainly be casual as well. These look very cute with all of the tops I showed above. They also pair well with sheer long sleeved button up blouses for a dressier look. They are the brand Ci Sono. The material is a mix of polyester, nylon, and spandex. They are super comfortable and they aren't too short. These can be washed in a washer. 


I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of oxfords for a while. I found a pair at Charlotte Russe that gave me horrible blisters, but they were so cute. THESE ARE WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF. I saw a similar pair on Pinterest, so I was so excited to find these at TJ Maxx. I believe they were under $30, but I can't quite remember. They are the brand Report. The leather is so soft and feels worn in. The white lace/crochet is so cute. I love that it has an open design- this is perfect for the spring and summer weather! These are a half size too large for me, so I inserted heel pads, band aids, and I wear no show socks with them to help them fit better.

$29.99...I think?

I hope that you enjoyed seeing my latest TJ Maxx finds! If you are a bargain hunter like me and you love adorable clothes, GET THEE TO A TJ MAXX IMMEDIATELY! 

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